Michael Jackson…(August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)


*I really wish I was in LA right now*

With out a doubt. The Greatest…The most correct and heartfelt words to say to this tragedy? One cannot fathom. Certainly unexpected. It certainly almost feels like August of 2001 [Death of Baby Girl aka Aaliyah].

The King of pop… After I got out of my summer class today in the parking lot, I was approached by a elder African American man that was showing a group of young kids to a bus [I believe he was their camp leader.] I was taken a back sort of because it was in fact pretty random. He said to me “man, I am heart broken. Completely heartbroken, these kids do not understand but I know that you cannot believe it as well.” I looked at the man in a very confused manner and I asked what he meant by that. He told me that the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, had in fact left us this afternoon. I was shocked, and refused to believe it. He said “Finally some one who understands.” He told me he had been with the kids all afternoon and that they had received text messages of the terrible news but none of them could truly understand the seriousness of the situation. I continued on my way home to check the news.[I forgot my phone at home] And when I got home, it was finally confirmed Michael Jackson had in fact passed. I could not believe it and I pretty much still can’t. Being from Cali I had to hit the streets.. Yall know it man, just rolling. Cruising round my side of town with Mr. Jackson on my ipod hit shuffle. I finally decided to see what the radio had to say about his death. So finally, for once after a long time, I let the radio play. It was the best hour of radio play I have heard in 4 or 5 years. Back to back Mike Jackson…

By the time I headed home, I realized one thing. How blessed I was to catch this. Truly THE largest king of audio [and quite possibly visual] entertainment. The Blueprint for many.. The lines recycled, beats sampled, and lyrics turned hooks. Michael Jackson IS the best. Never again will another come on this world and replicate what he did in just HALF of his life time. I feel BLESSED [and I know a lot of my 80s baby peers can attest to this] knowing that I had made that cut. I was born in the nick of time, to be able to tell my children that I have some recollection of the craze and trends that this man set. The tours, the videos. Man I remember when I first saw thriller. Scared the isht out of me. Or how cool I thought beat it was when they did the knife scene. Or what about when he did Bad! remember that. Or how about black or white [OMG THAT WAS MY JOINT]. Or the Super Nintendo Game. [Yea I rented it man] Or the crazy visuals in Dont Stop Till You Get enough.. Michael Jackson was the first true artist I ever knew [Big ups to my uncle who is a Michael Jackson fanatic on that one] I KNOW a huge number of us back in the day, especially the fellas, wanted to dance like this man could. [Don’t front, your ass was trying to do the moon walk] He was able to do something so great with his talent and he inspired the world. There is not a single country on this planet that has never heard of this mans name.

Although he had a lot of demons pestering him during his final years with us [I REFUSE TO SPEAK DEEP ON IT…] The only thing I have to say to them is congratulations, I hope that you now feel good about yourself. Having taken that antagonist role in that particular chapter in this Icon’s life.

My Frat Brother Summed it up in one of the best ways I have heard thus yet.

Michael Jackson’s Music was great and everyone loved him dearly. Even during his trials and tribulations. His music is great, his character was great. So [us] being a huge MJ fans let us not mourn his passing rather Let us celebrate the great music and legacy that he left with us. UNFORTUNATELY HE HAS MOONWALKED HIS WAY TO A BETTER PLACE. Peace and Love to THE GREAT MJ.

“Long Live the King of Pop”

Now I can OD on material but I wont. You guys know where to find it.. I will leave you with 5 of my most favorites done by MJ….


RIP Mike, and Thank You. For making tunes that can get us up and dancing, no matter how young or old we are. Pure Greatness..

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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