*Double Feature* Throw Back Thursday: Common Sense-Breaker 1,9 x Drake-Replacement Girl

Here is a double feature. Common Sense‘s Breaker 1,9 off of his very first album Can I Borrow A Dollar. I kind of like this old common a lot. As you can tell by the video there has been a bit of change in what he puts out now. It’s crazy because a lot of people these days say, “Yea I know common; I Use To Love H.E.R., The Light, The Game, The People, Go, BE, Southside! See I know Common!” But they truly do not.. Lol most of the people who claim this can’t even name half of Commons Albums. If you fit this category suggest you Google Search/Wikipedia ‘Common’ and see what you find. By the way for those who also fit that category, the image and flow of common from Can I Borrow A Dollar is near the opposite of the image seen in Finding Forever..

And for what I call Drake’s flop of a video. Here is replacement girl which is his first… This is 10x’s better than what his the net at midnight.

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