Steve “Air” McNair 1973-2009


People die everyday. I guess for just normal people, it seems kind of crazy when back to back all we see is the death of stars. Some of my friends say its like a final destination effect. I think its just that we are fully grasping the reality that death is something natural. In time it will get to us. Not to be gloomy. Although this is a sad fact, I think it is a time to remind ourselves that tomorrow is something that is unexpected. I’m more than sure that these people did not know when they woke up that morning that they would be living their last day. So what I am basically saying is that one should live life taking advantage of everything. Almost as if they will never be able to have another chance capitalize on any given opportunity. [I know that may sound like a broken record to a few of you but lets face it… A lot of people say this, live by it for a week and then retreat to their former selves.. Not going to lie. I am guilty of it too] Go all out. Try to keep everything good in your book. There is no room for shyness.

Fellas if you are jocking a female but you are too shy. Be real and tell her how you feel. Ladies if you waiting on a guy to speak to you don’t be shy either. Go speak to him. In these given opportunities the worst that can happen is that the person would say no. And if they say yes I know you will feel better having taken the opportunity for granted.

If you fronting like you really do not care someone, stop it. Take time to realize who is special in your life and let them know before it is too late. [I have slept on this and had this happen to me a number of times. If you haven’t I’ll go ahead and tell you, It is not cool at all.] So with that, I hope you all had a safe Fourth of July. [I say this in past tense because I doubt any of you guys will really be on the blog tip today lol]

Rest In Peace to everyone who has passed.

Also to tie it in with some hip hop lol [I guess]

Its kind of like what Kanye said “If you admire somebody you should go ahead and tell them. People never buy flowers while they can still smell them.”

Nothing else can come off top right now sorry for the epic brain fart..

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