Say….What?:The Game Continues to Throw Shots at Jay-z.. WHY??

OMG Stop it my dude… Its official.. I can’t defend this dude when people try to talk on him..Where is all the random animosity coming from? I used to rep BWS hard way back in the day man but this is just ridiculous… I’m waiting for Takeover II..

My dude you end your beef with 50cent and now you start acting like him??? Stop beefing for no reason.. Honestly if I can see a justified reason why[maybe he did wrong by you] then I’ll stop speaking on it.. Till then WTF is the issue??? You had a close call with him back in the day, then you said naw and acted like it was all gravy, now you want to go for his dome… My dude…Bringing Tupac into this!?

I’m beginning to see why you’re doing that over seas… There is no where in the United States where you can get a crowd to vibe and scream F Jay-z like that..NO WHERE..If there is a place, those people are insignificant.

Come on HOV is like the Mike Jackson of rap.. and your bugging the hell out man.. stop it…SMH

9/11 The Blueprint III in stores…

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