Words of HipAdvocate: For Real???

Alright guys… Here is what it is..

Folks @Wordpress shut the blog down for a few hours due to a violation of their TOS… Being that that could mean anything I sent a message and asked why this was suspended. [As some of you know the old site Verbal Intercourse was suspended also] They told me that I violated the DMCA and the downloads were unacceptable… I bickered for a bit, stated my case and it all came down to this.. I am fed up with arguing so wordpress can keep their isht and shove it. From now on this is going to be strictly underground.. No Drake, no Wayne, No etc. I’ll hit you with anything BUT. I’m sick of putting in work for nothing… so until I make my next moves [getting my own hosting.. like ctrlaltmalik told me from the get go] You will not see a lot of that. In the mean time if you need anything? I can point you to it just not on this. Get at me…

Did yall see the MJ commercial with Pepsi!? That’s CRAZY it looked like he had actual lighter fluid in his hair..

And for those who follow my twitter.. I said I wont speak on this ANYMORE… I’m over MJ’s death because I do not think we should dwell on it like that… He passed 3 weeks [maybe plus] now… Anything in the news is just the media trying to have stupid stories that are totally unnecessary. Ignore Joe Jackson and the E! stores and the entertainment weekly’s its all DUMB leave the dead man alone and focus on THE FUTURE especially with what is going on in the world today
Be Easy…

  1. haha told u so my nigga welcome back

    • hipadvocate
    • July 20th, 2009

    Yea man… They silly though.

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