Say…. What???: Death.Of.Jerkin’. Edition [Audio Push-Teach Me How To Jerk]

Vodpod videos no longer available.

First off… Whats with dude sounding like Lil’ Wayne???
Second off.. Sorry for the video quality..
These guys are pushing an image of LA that has me a little weary… This gives me the whole Chicken Noodle Soup/Aunt Jackie vibe that was a summer craze in 07… I’m lost on how these bad songs with mediocre artists get play when you have wayyyyy better LA based rappers[I say LA because this is were this movement was born..I think?].. This junk is a hot mess to me… I think Jay should be a bit vexed that they tried to use a bit 99 Problems on this… But I guess I’ll stop ‘hating’ and let them enjoy this short lived hype.. But like for real.. why is this jerkin mess number one on 106? [Oh..Wait.. More than likely because 106 has been a terrible source for real & creditable rankings of talent.. ex.. With all these other great songs accompanied by videos… Songs that tell us to “Pop that booty do” makes top 10 in the nation??? Either the generation is extremely flawed [which more than likely is the case, since it is viewers votes] or 106 is plotting to fill young black minds with coonery [which I would not put past them] I don’t know if when they mean Black Entertainment Television, they mean this is Black people doing stupid isht… For your Entertainment… On Television…. I don’t know you can be the judge of this…

What I do know is that this jerkin’ movement, like how the chicken noodle soup and aunt Jackie went down in NYC, is only a thing of a short dark summer in this region of hiphop… With Hip Hop listeners only begging that I will not be a subject in any conversation come this fall..

Hipster rap is on something new… I mean.. The Cool Kids rocked skinny jeans..But their flow was good.. I think, if you’re going to rock ball busters you better have a reason for us to listen man… Its like how a lot of people felt about Chuck E. & Mickey Rocks..’Damn look at what that dudes is wearing.. They lame as isht! But I still listen to them.. What can I say? Their tracks go hard’… Its all about compromise and you children…Just aren’t doing it.

I mean What More Can I Say?? Top Billin! jkjk…

How about that new Official single by Hov? Yea that was nice…Minus Rihanna.. [Shes cool as hell but here role on the track… Was not?]

Big Ups Once More to [C&C] for bringing this video to my attention.

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