The Real: I Date You So Much Right Now (Nas v. Kelis)

Vodpod videos no longer available.


“I’ll make you scream so loud that the neighbors will think you are getting radio play” & “Like you, I never listened to Nas until after you were married”

I’m not going to lie.. Kelis is entirely full of it on this one.. I agree with Method man when he said which kid would say no to just 5,000 a month…[assuming health insurance and those other necessities will be taken care of by both parties] 5,000 is enough to be more than decently dipped in butter in fits and kicks with food also…every month… He’s a CHILD what does he need 55,000 a month for…. My dude 55k is 10k more than my college tuition! Nas has to cough this up a month? Lets do the math…..ummmm thats like 1800 a day… what?

Ok Nas should give up 10k at most I would say.. Being in that tax bracket and being reasonable with a child’s needs..But great.. Way to use your child to maintain the lifestyle you want to live..No wonder Nas left you. With this, to me, it seems Kelis has a few loose screws. Way to use your kid as a money making scheme? Kelis are you not an artist yourself??

I quote HOV on this one

Can’t complain about they ‘aint gon’ give ya
they aint gon’ get ya sh*t, might as well give up
or get up get out and get something
or get a job

I also do not condone fathers that don’t pay to help their children..

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