D.O.P.G. (Death Of Paper Greeks)

Your pledge lines aint tight, Your colors aint bright, you call aint right…. I might rock crimsonBLU for a year straight. Won’t drive by the rink I’m allergic to skates!

I’m sorry. I told myself I wont do this but I just had to… Shit is hilarious!!!!

  1. Whats up man! ‘Preciate you posting my song on ur blog, even w/ the Sigmafied remix! LOL!

    Nice hip-hop vids on the page also, heard some good new music. Holla


    • hipadvocate
    • August 2nd, 2009

    LOL I had to make that quick edit LOL. That song is gettin MAD love from my Cali NPHC and the Midwestern.. I was on the floor rollin! Keep at it man!

  2. Ha, this is classic! I gotta send this to some other greeks!

    I will send this on twitter!

    Discreetly Greek Fan page!

    Discreetly Greek
    Fashionable apparel and clothing for BGLO’s

    • hipadvocate
    • October 12th, 2009

    LOL it definitely is a classic!

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