Nametag (Produced by Dub MD)- Classic Cadence Vol 2 [Mixtape]

00 - Front

clas·sic: Serving as the established model or standard.
ca·dence: Balanced, rhythmic flow, as of poetry or oratory..

Nice mixtape [So far, I’m about 2/3 through it] Came across this via [MichiganHipHop]. I recommend a listen if you just want to take a look at something different for a change. This is not some BS. Nametag nice..Plus there are a lot of nice featured artists on here. Be sure to check it out for real for real..

Be sure to check out:

1. A Million Rappers (Produced By A.Will Productions)
2. Back On My Sh*t (feat. Skyzoo) (Produced By Black Milk)
3. The Beat Bang (feat. Quest M.C.O.D.Y) (Produced By Jay Edgar)
4. Stylin On ’Em (Produced By Black Milk)
5. About You (Remix) (Produced By Black Bethoven)
6. Set It (feat. Moe Dirdee) (Produced By Black Bethoven)
7. Let The Beat Play (feat. B.Stormz) (Produced By Doc Illingsworth)
8. DJ Graffiti Interlude
9. Ask Around (Produced By Koyto)
10. Chips (feat. Fred Knuxx) (Produced By by Sean Ross)
11. Crash Course (feat. Street Justice) (Produced By Black Bethoven)
12. Stylin On ‘Em (Remix) (feat. Kopelli, Kanglosta, ONPoint & Young Scolla) (Produced By Black Bethoven)
13. The Matic Track (Produced By Lou Matic)
14. Ain’t I (Produced By B. Franks)
15. Tag Surfin’ (Produced By K.E.)
16. Courtesy Of Ambition (Produced By Black Milk)

[Classic Cadence Vol 2]

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