The ill Doc’s Perscription: Joe Budden Vs. The Wu Tang Clan

Yes after a drought, the ill doc speaks. This time it is on the foolish beef that Joe Budden [once again] placed himself in. Personally I never was a fan even though a bunch of my people tried to persuade me to take a look at his works… I am fully aware of his doings on the ‘internets’ [The Videos/beef/etc] but I usually treated them like most ‘net rap’… I ignored it… I started to like what he had to offer when I looked into the Slaughterhouse camp. And I wont lie, I became a fan.

Then the Method Man issue came up…. Then it escalated to the minor Wu Tang vs. Slaughterhouse beef via twitter/blogs and maybe even facebook [who the hell cares]. At the end of the day… I came to the conclusion, although Buddens seems to be a very good artists, I feel as though he uses some of this extra ‘internets’ stuff to get his name to be the topic our tweets and posts… [I mean look at me here now..sheesh] I mean lets be serious… How many die hard Wu Tang listeners would even care about Buddens?? I think we would be too hype in anticipation for Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II to drop…. [September 8th 2009]… But it’s what ever I guess… If that is the case.. Congratulations.. You succeeded…

PS The Whole Thing Was WACK

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