SLik D- Summer Vibes


This right here is a cool ass Mixtape by artist, SLik D. Originally from Los Angeles California [Resides in Las Vegas], SLik D provides that mad chill underground Cali feel on this mixtape. I think its nice. I always have room for a good Cali artist and I definitely always have room for some hip hop that I can vibe to. This is Check Plus on my list for the ‘Chill Vibe Playlist: Summer 09’… I mean damn its titled Summer Vibes

Check out Summer Heat in my words it’s “Too Chill For Comfort

Also Check Out Ode To Old Me.For those at my age, it’s like take me back to when things did not really matter…

PS Nef Flowin on the track?! LOL check out the track titled Sick Of Love LMFAO… He produced Summer Heat


via[The Soul Dojo] <<<Follow him on Twitter.. Link on site

[Summer Vibes]

Man with all this ‘Cali Spotlight’ I feel like I’m being a bit ultra Bias…

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