Big Sean & The Internets

Big Sean Kicks back with Thisis50dotCOM to speak on some few things. Mainly the influence of the internets amongst other things.. Keep at it man.. I’m still waiting. Finally Famous..

If you do not know about Big Sean Please Check Out index_r4_c4_f2 index_r4_c3_f2

A brief rundown of him: Big Sean is one of GOOD MUSIC’S younger artists. He stepped onto the hip hop scene in the summer of 2007 when he was feature on Kanye West’s Mixtape, Can’t Tell Me Nothing (Dropped right before Graduation), with his hit track Get’cha Some. From Santa Monica California by ways of Detroit Michigan, Big Sean brings a rather unique still to the art of hip hop. With his remarkable use of words, Big Sean conveys his great skill and talent with word play. One of his lines being:

“You don’t have to adore me but u will surely t-c-e-p-s-e-r me. Spelled backwards since you try to reflect me. Try to be me in the mirror you’re reminded respect me.”

Streetz on Lock‘ Finally Famous Vol 1.



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