KnowJuander – (re)Painting A Still x A Kid Love Beta (mixtape)

Beat produced by Nefarious! KnowJauander spits something nice on this track. You need to check this out like for real.

Y’all know Nef from his beat tape, More Than Music. He teams up with KnowJuander to bring you another hit.

Here’s a remix I did to Painting A Still off of know:juander’s latest release, A Kid Love, beta. Make sure you cop that if you haven’t peeped it already. I was just working on this beat and for some reason juander’s lyrics came to mind. And it’s dope. So stream and download the joint below.

[(re)Painting A Still]
via[Cosmic Soul Collective]


Also check out KnowJuander’s Mixtape, A Kid Love Beta. I listened to a few tracks on his myspace. Bout to finish up this download and let this play tomorrow. [I’m bout to wind down for tonight so..] Do check it out.. I’ll give this a review upon completing the entire album.

The first release from Cosmic Souls Collective’s own, emcee/producer know:juander. His first effort, a lot of work has went into this project and the feedback so far has been exemplary. The brilliance in the album lies not only in the complexity of the lyricism, but also in the fact that the whole project was handled by know:juander himself; quality control in its rawest form. If you have not checked out the album check the link below.


[A Kid Love Beta]mixtape

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