Macklemore & Ryan Lewis- Stay At Home Dad

For those who are ill as ever.. Hip to real. Here is a track that did not make the cut on Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ The Vs. EP. This song is essentially about fathers. Not just any and all fathers in particular. This song sheds light on the men who are stay at home fathers. I really like this song because of the switch in roles.. Although these days, the issue of gender roles in this country and their problems are more seen and understood, we still have problems which deal with breaking them down. Check it out. Its real.

01. Vipassana
02. Crew Cuts
03. Life is Cinema
04. Otherside
05. Kings
06. Irish Celebration
07. The End

If you do not have The Vs EP. Grab it right [HERE]. Its only 7 tracks long, but it samples a lot of classic tunes in its production.

If you do not want to sift through that, which I think is wack because 7 tracks is only about 35minutes, then take a look at this single track

[Stay At Home Dad].mp3


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