Curt@!n$- Genesis x Exodus x Revelations x Eulogy x Night of the Living Dope [Video]

Been slipping on the homie Curt@!n$… He really is one of the realist artist out there. Been around the music business on the low. Mostly because of the way the whole industry operates which is clearly understandable. In fact many artists are in the same boat. Curt@!n$ is the type of artist that prefers to lay low doing what he likes with his talents. Like he says in numerous interviews, his goal in his work is not like most other artists on the come up. He is not here to hustle, grind, and front to be relevant. His philosophy really is one where he does what loves best and if he blows up big, then so be it. Everything will fall into place.

Here are some tracks and a video to introduce to you, or refresh your memory, on the dope boy C.


of course.. its [High Society Life]

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