Random Thoughts:

Today I kicked it with the ex president of Coach™, Keith Monda. He actually came to my school to say a few things to the Economics club. Now I’m not an econ major… And I am also not a fool. When I heard about this opportunity to speak with him on Monday, I made SURE that my schedule was clear to attend this event. After sitting there, seeing what he had to say, and me picking at his brain (pause/no homo/no gay/ why do you give a fuck), I felt very satisfied, encouraged, and more driven to reach my goals. I took MASS amounts of notes and I plan to commit to 95% of what I jotted down. Sad to say, tons and tons of posts later, that this little piece of shit of a blog will be inactive a lot sooner than expected. LMFAO. Honest truth. I’m tired of trying to be original but still really the same as the others. This is the wrong way to go about everything and until I fully establish the first major steps of my devious plan, I shall no longer pay this blog any mind.. It was my baby for a little while but hey… Shit happens. I’ll take it as a loss with a little bit of gain. Be on the look out for whats next…later…later… MUCH later on down the line… Thanks to my friends that followed and the friends I’ve met through this…

Fuckouttaherewiththatsentimentalshit LMFAO

-Andrew Gerald hip advocate


Can you believe that Keith Honda helped to take coach from a 400 million dollar company to a 3 BILLION DOLLAR POWERHOUSE.. And it aint even about the money. Its just about the pride in the grind.

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