Esso – The Anti-Socialite (Mixtape)

I know I told yall I quit, but I have to post this up for my Home Girl. She works with dude, Esso.

Side Note: I loved the commercial that he did (click link below) for this about the city of New York. Hopefully a near future destination in my future itinerary…

ESSO – New York, New York (The Anti-Socialite) #TheAntiSocialite from stupid GENIUS on Vimeo.

THE ANTI-SOCIALITE catapults an educated listener into the world of a generation that carries the burden of proving oneself in a culture that has recently been “dumbed down” under the ever-critical eye of traditional media, social media, and the likes of what has gone viral over the Internet. This journey into a day in the life paints a story of the many circumstances that befall the young and ambitious- whether it be having a conversation with his past, his city, or simply living it up in a night at the club.

Calling out his ambitions, his success, and his continuous frustrations ESSO leads his listener through the typical events in the course of a day that affect this young and intelligent star on his way to the top. Completely aware of the expectations that rest squarely on his shoulders considering the collective impact of “2009’s Hip-Hop Freshman Class” ESSO steps forward to prove himself as a star in his own light in this first release of 2010. 

[The Anti-Socialite]

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