STS – Demand More II

The homie SugarToungeSlim dropped the sequel to Demand More Vol 1.. Been a while since that joint dropped. I’ll call it delayed gratification because this joint is nice. Bout to put this on the Music Machine for the ride to my fam graduation today… Check it out man. Follow STS on Twitta.

The original concept of the ‘Demand More’ tapes were for yall BASIC ASS hip [p]op listeners to DEMAND MORE from your so called ‘hip hop’ artists..

The hotly-anticipated Demand More 2 street album features 16 tracks’ worth of new material from STS, including previously-featured cuts “Parachute,” “F*ck a Hook” and “Ill Street Blues.”

In addition to appearances by Black Thought, Truck North, and Dice Raw, who together with STS make up the Money Making Jam Boys, the project comes complete with guest contributions from Cassidy, RL and Sterling Simms. Manning the boards are such heavyweight producers as Sean C & LV, Emile, Don Cannon and Focus as well as newcomers like MPIII and Pierre Medor.

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[Demand More II]

  1. June 5th, 2010

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