Video: Pharrell x Steve Perry Principles

Man out of all these artists/producers out here, Pharrell keeps it the realist. Most of the youth these days feel as though they dont need a basic education in order to get to places. Most kids drop out of high school these days with the high ambition of being the next ill Emcee, Producer, and clothing label (on a side note this buzz of urban labels to me is a trend that will be on the decline by next years end.. For the simple fact that it already is, and will continue to be over-saturated with “CEO” with a serious “Me Too” complex and lack of creativity. And drive to only make money rather than fashion, art, and a lifestyle. ). The fact that African American males do not graduate from JUST high school is alarming.. I feel as though they get lost in the sauce and fail to realize how much they could gain by going that extra mile.. I mean school is only as difficult as you make it to be. If you’re lazy and dont want to put in the work, then graduating will be the hardest goal you can ever set. But by putting in the work, you gain knowledge that you can use to further you efforts in achieving which ever goal you have in life.

Look at it,

You want to own a clothing label… Major in Finance, Accounting, or even Business Management. Take side course on consumer sciences or fashion related courses. While at the same time work on some low budget, campus wide projects to at least start a name for yourself.. By the time you graduate you will have the business backing to help you push further for that line.

Lets be real kids.. At least graduate from high school.

CNN Education Contributor Steve Perry has a blueprint for Americas teachers, parents, decision makers and anyone who cares about the education of Americas children.

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