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Murs- Me & This Jawn [Nefarious! Remix]

The homie Nef drops a Valentines day remix to Murs’ Me and This Jawn… Check it out! Nef is sick with his production. Check out his OTHER WORKS. I made this remix like a week ago or so and decided to just release it as a little Valentines Day treat. So here it is. My [&hellip[ READ MORE ]

Nefarious!- More Than Music [Beat Tape]

Taking a break from my work… Here is an early drop [Y’all artists need to practice timely drops like the kid Nef!]… So far so ill… Check it out! Nef brings that hot soulful isht on thie MixBeattape… Bay Area Stand Up LIKE I SAID EARLIER! IF YOU RAP… A NEED A SOULFUL BEAT Get [&hellip[ READ MORE ]

Nefarious! – The Crush Groovin’ [Beat Tape]

For those who want a little taste of the kid Nef before the album drops on Friday, take a look at this project he put out last year titled,The Crush Groovin’. This is that good soulful beat tape man. Like I said on the earlier post. This is stuff you can have playing in the [&hellip[ READ MORE ]

Nefarious!- More Than Music [Tracklisting]

Drops on here on Friday! I’m telling y’all man, these are some nice white noise tracks that you can have playing in the background in the crib when company if over LMAO 1. Baby 2. Cali Summer Daze 3. Goodbye 4. Take My Love 5. Amor Jones Interlude 6. Loving You 7. Watching Me 8. [&hellip[ READ MORE ]

Nefarious!- Take My Love

This is Nef’s first leak off his upcoming mix Instrumental Tape, More Than Music which is set to drop this Friday. Be on the look out for that right here! I got to give him the props because first off he deserves it and second he is from the Bay.. ‘Yeeee’…smh @ self.. If you [&hellip[ READ MORE ]

BeatTape: The Soul Spectrum [Presented by The Soul Dojo]

The homie Nef over at the Soul Dojo worked with a number of producers to put out this beat tape project. 20 tracks of soulful shit. Nice lil chill tracks if you ask me. So if your an instrumental junkie or an artist looking for something to work with, check out the tracks, follow the [&hellip[ READ MORE ]

KnowJuander – (re)Painting A Still x A Kid Love Beta (mixtape)

Beat produced by Nefarious! KnowJauander spits something nice on this track. You need to check this out like for real. Y’all know Nef from his beat tape, More Than Music. He teams up with KnowJuander to bring you another hit. Here’s a remix I did to Painting A Still off of know:juander’s latest release, A [&hellip[ READ MORE ]

AmorJones- Waiting Room x Epic Failure

Coming to you from LA via Columbus OH.. Amor Jones dropped his mixtape, Epic Failure, at the beginning of the summer and it’s only right that he hit you up with a track as it is winding down. Take a look at this up and coming artist… Follow him on twitter @AmorJones.. He a funny [&hellip[ READ MORE ]

El Prez & theFCC[Fresh Coast Collective] -Floss Angeles

I BEG for you to say the Cali Coast is dead… You got all these dudes. Plus PacDiv, Skeme, New Boyz and many others more. [Bum ass producer Nefarious, naw jk he’s tuff] The list goes on man… These dudes is ill.. Without radio play[ READ MORE ]