About HipAdv

I am a HipHop Advocate..

If Hiphop were a drug, surely it would be my addiction.. I like to kick it with my fam and people. We Discuss hiphop and other things relevant. I enjoy saying outlandish isht in such conversations for kicks. But with all seriousness, I love this stuff and enjoy spreading the word on the underground artists that deserve to be heard..

In a way I treat it like college sports compared to professional ones… Most people would say, ‘I watch college sports because it more intense and real.’ I agree with this and I use the same theory in hiphop… The underground artist is the artist without the fame and watered down products… No antics, no stunts… In order to be known and respected for their talents, the underground artist produces his art to the best of his ability. Thus bring out his full potential and the fullest use of their talent to mold and sculpt their art in the purest form. I have mad respect for these individuals and I am always ready to give any of them a chance because you never know what you may come across.

I also like to discuss other serious issues as they arise, or as they annoy me. I’m a college student and I enjoy speaking on current events and acts of coonery/idiocy etc.. Also anything that is just plain real.. That’s how things should be kept…

If you got something you want me to look at or suggestions, I am more than willing to entertain. Just get at me via:

Email @ Hip.Advocate@gmail.com


Twitter @Hip_Advocate [DM me, Mention me, all that stuff]

Be easy

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