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Dom Kennedy- Choose Up!

Here is a drop off Dom’s up coming project, From The West Side With Love, which is set be available on March 9th…

Production on this by LAUSD

[Choose Up!]mp3


Murs- Me & This Jawn [Nefarious! Remix]

The homie Nef drops a Valentines day remix to Murs’ Me and This Jawn… Check it out! Nef is sick with his production. Check out his OTHER WORKS.

I made this remix like a week ago or so and decided to just release it as a little Valentines Day treat. So here it is. My Me And This Jawn remix. The homie Mick DiGi did the artwork so check him out too.

Holla at me on twitter if you aren’t following me already: @NefTheDamaja

[Me and This Jawn]


El Prez- Animal Style [mixtape]

YES It is finally here guys! El Prez’s Animal Style… So far its bangin well through my speakers. Shit makes me miss Cali so damn much… A double double would be miraculous right now…


This is my first true solo project since ‘08 so I held nothing back and brought the best out of myself to give the people an amazing project and look into the FCC/ “Tree House” lifestyle in Los Angeles, circa 2010. “Animal Style!” derived from a hamburger chain that originated in SoCal called In-N-Out, and refers to a special way they prepare the burger and fries that only the locals and savvy customers even knew existed, on a “secret” menu. Being the hamburger aficionado I am (lol), I felt my music and this “food for thought” I was cooking up on this project was made by the city of angels and its inhabitants, and should only be available to them and the people who truly wanted to enjoy my product. For the fans who would scratch, claw, ditch school/work, just to get their hands on some El Prez music, “Animal Style!” was made for them.

[Animal Style]mixtape

Mick Boogie and Terry Urban Present: Shawn Chrystopher – The Audition

If yall liked Shawn Chrystopher’s like project, A City With No Seasons then definitely be on the look out for this when it comes out (March 23rd).

1. Doogie Howser
2. Out The Hood
3. Can’t Take That From Me
4. All For You (Feat. ESSO)
5. Shawn Chrys and Terry pt. 1
6. Like a Kid Again
7. Breath of Fresh Air (Feat. Tone P)
8. Shawn Chrys and Terry pt. 2
9. I’m Over You
10. Sometimes Love II (Feat. Tone P)
11. Put Your Glasses Up

Dom Kennedy- Menace Beach [video]


“If this was ’92 they’dBEAT YO ASS

Stevie Crooks w/How 2 Be Famous

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Stevie Crooks does a quick interview in anticipation for the drop of his up coming project Diamonds & Guns which is due FEB042010.

Big Ups to [H2BF]

Pac Div -Broccoli

thePacific Division giving ya’ll a teaser of this joint they did with Skate Board P.. Could you not tell by the production? Neptunes? #neverfail