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SLik d-Midnight Vibes [Mixtape]

The homie SLik d drops another set of vibes to follow up his last project, “ Summer Vibes.” This joint right here is real chill so far. I digs it man. I suggest you check it out! Midnight Vibes was written from beginning to end in the actual dark.. I do not mean the dark like in a dark room. SLik d wrote the rhymes for this in its entirety during the late hours of the PM.

I made this tape because everyone before liked Summer Vibes and the music before that. I feel as an artist I am growing with time and with the music I make. Hopefully everyone can tell…Thanks for respecting what I like to talk about.

[Midnight Vibes]

Nero- Far Away From Here

Its been some time since we last heard from Nero. So to keep the fans content and attract new ones, here is Far Away From Here courtesy of [illRoots]

[Far Away From Here]mp3

LoveJones -Gettin It x Hat Hype [Produced by Slot-A]


LoveJones hits y’all with that new isht. This dude fire. If you have yet to download his mixtape [Sunday Drive]it is available for you right HERE. His tracks got a mad chill tone to it. If y’all know me you know that I dig that style of artistry. So like I said, check out this Illinois Native. If you diggin’ this material and want more, hit me up I’ll get it to you personally as soon as it is available.

Be on the look out for Slot-A’s album, Have You Seen My Stapler? That will definitely be on this especially after hearing these beats man

Both songs are precursors to Mike Schpitz and SLOT-A’s album Have You Seen My Stapler?, which also features production from The Gift who was recently featured in URB Magazine.

[Gettin It]
[Hat Hype]

AmorJones- Waiting Room x Epic Failure


Coming to you from LA via Columbus OH.. Amor Jones dropped his mixtape, Epic Failure, at the beginning of the summer and it’s only right that he hit you up with a track as it is winding down. Take a look at this up and coming artist… Follow him on twitter @AmorJones.. He a funny ass dude..Also included here is his mixtape Epic Failure. I had it on Verbal Intercourse but you know how that went down…

Keep at it bro!

[Waiting Room]


1. Another Day, Another Dollar. (prod. Tim Beats)
2. His Becoming. (prod. 9th Wonder)
3. Second Time Around. (prod. King Blue)
4. Love Jones. (prod. Nefarious!)
5. Watch Me. (prod. Yung B Da Producer)
6. Summer Breeze. (prod. D/Will)
7. Nothing Good Comes Easy. (prod. Big Zik)
8. Good, Bad & Ugly. f. Andre Joyner (prod. Andre Joyner)
9. Right. f. Praverb (prod. Nefarious!)
10. The Show. f. Shawn Walekr (prod. A.U.)
11. My Addiction. (prod. Jeff Wong of Playground Legend)
12. Get It In. (prod. Nefarious!)
13. On Fire. (prod. Nefarious!)
14. Epic Failure.

mixtape[Epic Failure]

Skeme- Money (GETTIN’ TO IT)


Cali Stand Up! another track by Skeme. Produced By Roosevelt

So I was supposed to post this last night and I apologize but I had a super productive night with Polow Da Don, Keri Hilson, and Drake…. Soooooo as promised here it is!!! The new single “Money (Gettin To It)” Produced by Roosevelt!!! Feel free to drop comments and thoughts about the song!!! SOX UP!!!

via[Money (GETTIN’ TO IT)]

Nefarious!- More Than Music [Beat Tape]


Taking a break from my work…
Here is an early drop [Y’all artists need to practice timely drops like the kid Nef!]… So far so ill… Check it out! Nef brings that hot soulful isht on thie MixBeattape…

Bay Area Stand Up


So it’s finally here! My instrumental album, More Than Music. Make sure you download it and let me know what you think either in the comments or hit me directly on twitter or myspace. I’d like to thank all of the people who helped me spread the word about this project. Peace to Indy Sparks for the ill album cover. I just hope you guys enjoy it and spread the word!

Peace. Nef.

[More Than Music]

via the ‘lone wolf’ on [The Soul Dojo]

TGIF World!!!

Nefarious! – The Crush Groovin’ [Beat Tape]


For those who want a little taste of the kid Nef before the album drops on Friday, take a look at this project he put out last year titled,The Crush Groovin’. This is that good soulful beat tape man. Like I said on the earlier post. This is stuff you can have playing in the background at any social gathering man.

1.Wackness (Intro)
2.Love And War
3.Dial My Number
5.I Love (Lets Build) ft. Siopao J
6.Note To Self (14JD)
7.Never Stop Loving You
8.Groove With You
9.Dont Ever Stop Loving Me
10.Side B ft. SLik d
11.The Mood
12.Pain Maker
13.Am I Losing You
14.You Never Knew (& She Said)
15.There’s A Chance (Its Time)
17.I Wanna Make Love
18.Crappy Daze ft. Scrabble
19.Goodbye Isaac (Outro)

[The Crush Groovin\']