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The ill Doc’s Perscription: Joe Budden Vs. The Wu Tang Clan

Yes after a drought, the ill doc speaks. This time it is on the foolish beef that Joe Budden [once again] placed himself in. Personally I never was a fan even though a bunch of my people tried to persuade me to take a look at his works… I am fully aware of his doings on the ‘internets’ [The Videos/beef/etc] but I usually treated them like most ‘net rap’… I ignored it… I started to like what he had to offer when I looked into the Slaughterhouse camp. And I wont lie, I became a fan.

Then the Method Man issue came up…. Then it escalated to the minor Wu Tang vs. Slaughterhouse beef via twitter/blogs and maybe even facebook [who the hell cares]. At the end of the day… I came to the conclusion, although Buddens seems to be a very good artists, I feel as though he uses some of this extra ‘internets’ stuff to get his name to be the topic our tweets and posts… [I mean look at me here now..sheesh] I mean lets be serious… How many die hard Wu Tang listeners would even care about Buddens?? I think we would be too hype in anticipation for Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II to drop…. [September 8th 2009]… But it’s what ever I guess… If that is the case.. Congratulations.. You succeeded…

PS The Whole Thing Was WACK

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Dance You Into The Sunlight

WOW… The illDoc (@Jsmooth) speaks again.. His thoughts on media and its balance between things. He brilliantly sees and expresses this connection with Michael Jackson’s life. The Media… “Fame.. Fortune.. Platinum Records…” The gift and the curse..I dig what you saying Kid Cudi… Sometimes I guess it sucks to be famous…

It’s kind of like these neighbor hoods(The various PJ’s and “hoods” in urban areas)??? As people run away from it trying to escape… It is being glorified by a mass majority causing people to be intrigued by what “power” and “image” that it is falsely given by this MEDIA… Causing them to run to it.. Its a sad thing to be very honest… I’m not knocking those who are in it though..