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Miss You Baby Girl,10 Years Later: RIP Aaliyah

Today marks the Ten year anniversary of the tragic death of R&B artist, Aaliyah. I can remember when I first got news of this back when I was about 11. Being that age, I had really hoped that some how it was a mistake and that the story was a fabrication. When I finally grasped the full extent of what happened, being only 11, I was deeply hurt. I don’t know about others in my age group but for me Aaliyah’s music was great. I definitely was a fan and now at this age I still cannot listen to one of her songs and not be like, ‘wow, we really just lost not only a beautiful woman and voice, but also a beautiful person.’ When I say that, I do not say it in the sense that she was fine[which she was]. I say it in the sense of her great personality. Quite honestly to this day, as I type this, I am STILL in shock that she is gone… Call me crazy but her music is great to me… Some times I tell myself Fuck Rock the Boat… I wish she never made that song if that would have kept her from ever going to shoot the video..

I have a class in the AM and would love to keep going but I will uphold the dignity of simplicity and leave it at this…

Aaliyah Rest In Peace, I Love Your Music, and With Music Having Such A Great Influence In My Life, I Am Great-full For You Blessing Me With It…

Readers can take this with which ever way they want to… I’m Out