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Say…What?? ‘You F’in SUCK Edition’: Arab – Laugh Out Loud

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This is a track by Soulja Boy’s home boy ‘Arab’… I just have one question… WHO GAVE HIM THE OK FOR THIS??? This 19 year old is and Skeme x Skeme is not[who is 19 also]!?!??!?! Man.. No.. Don’t Kill Yourself.. Just kill me! That is so absurd… I’m just saying man, and I don’t mean to beat a dead horse but, THESE DUDES THAT GET THE SPOTLIGHT THESE DAYS ARE TRASH… Not saying that Arab really is getting spotlight like that… I mean he really is… Essentially…. Soulja Boys little ass buddy. But still this video made it off ‘youtube’ and on to a a real big time website. I’m really hoping that it is a joke, but if it is not, this sad… Please check out the real. Other artist that I have featured on this thing man.. Like for real… This is terrible.. I could have put out hotter shit than this..

notice.. this is filed under NOT HIP HOP..It really is not..


Say…What? Soulja Boy’s Edition Vol 1: Battery Operated, Diamond Studded, Remote Controlled Car

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If you saw how I went off on T-Pains Big Ass Chain on Verbal Intercourse then you already know how I feel about this…So I will keep it short..

Once again we what happens when Back people get so much money that they do not know what to do with it… Soulja boy.. Boo @ you man.. You a hot mess for this one… My dude I thought you’re damn near 20.. Grow the hell up and do something grown with your money.. At times I look at the Soulja Boy’s and the T-Pains and I sit back like… What the hell.. I’m not breaded like dudes but even still if I was.. I know that I would never have ‘coon’ tendencies.. I’m sorry but you guys are LOST… Instead of making stupid ass chains that are 10lbs in weight and a damn Tonca Toy remote control call and studdin it up, I’d donate my money to a local school for some sports equipment or something… Forget that Soulja boy RichCoon Negro Isht man.. you dudes make me sick…I see and work with so many African Americans out there working hard to fight the stereotypes of foolishness and coonery that your dumb ass glorifies… For Shame SMH

Eminem-The Warning[White Ether] (Mariah & Nick Carey Diss)

I… I just..

Ok… I’m not a die hard fan of Eminem… I actually thought he was just all hype these days… Way to prove me wrong sir kudos to you… The song is titled The Warning… More like The WarningWhite Ether… He went in on this track… Nick way to have your wife defend you… Big mistake bro…. Look at the mess y’all made for taking Eminem serious in a playful diss….

Man Damn…

[The Warning]

The Real: I Date You So Much Right Now (Nas v. Kelis)

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“I’ll make you scream so loud that the neighbors will think you are getting radio play” & “Like you, I never listened to Nas until after you were married”

I’m not going to lie.. Kelis is entirely full of it on this one.. I agree with Method man when he said which kid would say no to just 5,000 a month…[assuming health insurance and those other necessities will be taken care of by both parties] 5,000 is enough to be more than decently dipped in butter in fits and kicks with food also…every month… He’s a CHILD what does he need 55,000 a month for…. My dude 55k is 10k more than my college tuition! Nas has to cough this up a month? Lets do the math…..ummmm thats like 1800 a day… what?

Ok Nas should give up 10k at most I would say.. Being in that tax bracket and being reasonable with a child’s needs..But great.. Way to use your child to maintain the lifestyle you want to live..No wonder Nas left you. With this, to me, it seems Kelis has a few loose screws. Way to use your kid as a money making scheme? Kelis are you not an artist yourself??

I quote HOV on this one

Can’t complain about they ‘aint gon’ give ya
they aint gon’ get ya sh*t, might as well give up
or get up get out and get something
or get a job

I also do not condone fathers that don’t pay to help their children..

Say…. What???: Death.Of.Jerkin’. Edition [Audio Push-Teach Me How To Jerk]

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First off… Whats with dude sounding like Lil’ Wayne???
Second off.. Sorry for the video quality..
These guys are pushing an image of LA that has me a little weary… This gives me the whole Chicken Noodle Soup/Aunt Jackie vibe that was a summer craze in 07… I’m lost on how these bad songs with mediocre artists get play when you have wayyyyy better LA based rappers[I say LA because this is were this movement was born..I think?].. This junk is a hot mess to me… I think Jay should be a bit vexed that they tried to use a bit 99 Problems on this… But I guess I’ll stop ‘hating’ and let them enjoy this short lived hype.. But like for real.. why is this jerkin mess number one on 106? [Oh..Wait.. More than likely because 106 has been a terrible source for real & creditable rankings of talent.. ex.. With all these other great songs accompanied by videos… Songs that tell us to “Pop that booty do” makes top 10 in the nation??? Either the generation is extremely flawed [which more than likely is the case, since it is viewers votes] or 106 is plotting to fill young black minds with coonery [which I would not put past them] I don’t know if when they mean Black Entertainment Television, they mean this is Black people doing stupid isht… For your Entertainment… On Television…. I don’t know you can be the judge of this…

What I do know is that this jerkin’ movement, like how the chicken noodle soup and aunt Jackie went down in NYC, is only a thing of a short dark summer in this region of hiphop… With Hip Hop listeners only begging that I will not be a subject in any conversation come this fall..

Hipster rap is on something new… I mean.. The Cool Kids rocked skinny jeans..But their flow was good.. I think, if you’re going to rock ball busters you better have a reason for us to listen man… Its like how a lot of people felt about Chuck E. & Mickey Rocks..’Damn look at what that dudes is wearing.. They lame as isht! But I still listen to them.. What can I say? Their tracks go hard’… Its all about compromise and you children…Just aren’t doing it.

I mean What More Can I Say?? Top Billin! jkjk…

How about that new Official single by Hov? Yea that was nice…Minus Rihanna.. [Shes cool as hell but here role on the track… Was not?]

Big Ups Once More to [C&C] for bringing this video to my attention.

President Obama’s Address To The NAACP

Here is Obama’s address to the NAACP… This is a lot of how I feel about my people. I can’t even try to summarize this because all of it is important. Just watch it… Also check out the “forum” on it on twitter. (Check NACCP on the trending topic…)I have mixed feelings on it.. But hey everyone is entitled to an opinion. Also this is America sadly some of these comments are expected. What more can I say, or do? Other than propel myself with my people to the top of the mountain called success. Make our mark, turn our backs to face the others, and extend our hands to help them up to that peak.

What More Can I Say?

Words of HipAdvocate: For Real???

Alright guys… Here is what it is..

Folks @Wordpress shut the blog down for a few hours due to a violation of their TOS… Being that that could mean anything I sent a message and asked why this was suspended. [As some of you know the old site Verbal Intercourse was suspended also] They told me that I violated the DMCA and the downloads were unacceptable… I bickered for a bit, stated my case and it all came down to this.. I am fed up with arguing so wordpress can keep their isht and shove it. From now on this is going to be strictly underground.. No Drake, no Wayne, No etc. I’ll hit you with anything BUT. I’m sick of putting in work for nothing… so until I make my next moves [getting my own hosting.. like ctrlaltmalik told me from the get go] You will not see a lot of that. In the mean time if you need anything? I can point you to it just not on this. Get at me…

Did yall see the MJ commercial with Pepsi!? That’s CRAZY it looked like he had actual lighter fluid in his hair..

And for those who follow my twitter.. I said I wont speak on this ANYMORE… I’m over MJ’s death because I do not think we should dwell on it like that… He passed 3 weeks [maybe plus] now… Anything in the news is just the media trying to have stupid stories that are totally unnecessary. Ignore Joe Jackson and the E! stores and the entertainment weekly’s its all DUMB leave the dead man alone and focus on THE FUTURE especially with what is going on in the world today
Be Easy…