MP3: Not Afraid By AmorJones

Homie Amor Jones speaks on his movement out West and he gives shout outs to his people in Columbus (Dude moved to Cali when I moved to Columbus *heavy shrug*). Since he moved out West, he has been grinding ever since. Been working on his project The Wake Up Show (TheSoulDojo & KevinNottingham) which is set to drop in July.

and yes.. this is that instrumental..

The CO cool.. But the Cali Coast is where it is at!

[Not Afraid]


MP3: Bollywood Flow By Drake (Prod by Statik Selektah)

Statik Selektah went ahead and put Drake’s Tim Westwood freestyle on one of his beats. Tons of would be “ill dj’s and producers” try this all them time and fail epically! LOL Homie Statik, on the other hand, did the A Capella justice.. Check it out.


MP3: High Rise By Big Sean (Prod. Don Cannon)

Finally Famous Vol 3 coming soon… As for Finally Famous the album.. “Who Knows” -Track By Big Sean (Pun Intended)

“i took a lot of time away from working on my mixtape to finish this album. The label wanted me to go back in heavy on it. everything is coming along smoothly…I’m gonna add a few more adjustments to the mixtape, it’s very close to being done so u can look out for it in the very near future. here’s a freestyle produced by Don Cannon (who’s hosting the tape as well)! I’ll be releasing the artwork and a couple more leaks from the Tape as well very soon…”
-Big Sean

High Rise

Fre[EP]: The Mask and The Mustache By MF Borat

O_o new doom???

1. Bing Bong Bing
2. Dedicated To Love (feat. Samantha Alexes)
3. Rescue Khazakstan (feat. Aretha Franklin)
4. So Good To Me
5. Tower of Ears (feat. Diana Ross)

[The Mask and The Mustache]freEP

Video: Empire State of Mind III By Mateo

This joint ill.. I dont normally post stuff like this but hey.. what can i say.

Directed by Quddus.

Video: Sole Music by STS

One of the chill tracks off Demand More II. Check it out. Follow STS

Directed by Eif Rivera & Riggs Morales

Mixtape: Cravings by Sugar Junkie

3 People craft what is known as Sugar Junkie
Shov (@Shov)- vocals/writing
Anthony Walker (@A_Walk) – keyboard/synth/production
Jay Rowe (@Jay_Robot) – guitar

Came across the band about a week and some change ago. I was pissed that I couldn’t download the entire project till June 4th.. Well now its the 4th and here it is as promised. See the link at the bottom to preview and download “Cravings” By Sugar Junkie. The production on this is ill.

1.Introduction 01:08
2.Hollywood (Delusions Of Grandeur) 03:29
3.Babe 02:54
4.On The Break 01:43
5.Study Abroad 02:52
6.Cross The Sea 05:38