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FKi- Blue Steel 2.0 [Mixtape]

HERE it is!!!! #FKi Blue Steel 2.0 ENJOY

1.FKi – 8.0.8
2.Turn It Up feat. Nakim, MumsFP, and Siya (Prod. by FKi)
3.That’ll Work feat Juicy J
4.Kirby Feat. XV (Prod. By Seven)
5.Whats Goin On feat. Mickey Factz (Prod. by FKi)
6.B.O.B feat. Sean Famoso (Prod. by FKi)
7.Tungmartialarts (Prod By Bezz’r)
9.Problematic feat. Slim Thug
10.Ultimate (Prod. By FKi)
11.Phli High (Prod. By Justin Rose)
12.Go For The Gold (Prod. By Sense)
13.Is What It Is
14.SellDrugs Remix Adam Tensta feat. FKi
15.Fur In My Cap – Rob Roy feat. FKi _ Interlude
16.Mr Ajax – Retro Su$h! feat. FKi (Prod. by FKi)
17.FineFuckItDoneFin feat. Rick Ross, Wale
18.Clap Ya Hands (Prod. by Fully Fitted)
19.About Me (Prod. by FKi)
20. My Name Is Mickey Factz (Prod. by FKi)

[Blue Steel 2.0]mixtape

FKi – Problematic (Ft Slim Thug)

FKiBlue SteelFEBRUARY082010


FKi- That’ll Work [Ft. Juicy J]

Here is a little something while we wait for Blue Steel 2.0 to drop #fki!!! Very ill group I tell ya.

We love Three 6 Mafia, so we took the hottest track off of Alchemist’s Chemical Warfare and remixed “That’ll Work”. Blue Steel 2.0 coming Feb. 8th. Click HERE to download.

[That'll Work].mp3