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MP3: Last Stretch By J.Cole

To keep the die hard stans content with this slight J.Cole drought, Jermaine releases this. Im still hype as hell forget all yall non-believers! Yesterday marked one year since the drop of his hit mixtape, The Warm Up. Below is what he had to say about everything since then.

Thank You
June 15th, 2009. A year ago today The Warm Up dropped. I’m taking this moment and appreciating all the love and support that I’ve received from yall. All that love ya’ll gave allowed me to hit the road and perform these songs for you before I even had a single out. It’s wild to me when I show up in places like Houston, Atlanta, Richmond, Ohio, University of Maryland, NYC, so many other cities and schools, and the whole crowd knows every word to every song. Seeing that it’s so early in my career, only 1 single out, that’s a blessing. Thank you.

A year later and people are still getting put on to The Warm Up every day. Slowly but surely ya’ll, just like it was supposed to. The album is coming, your patience is gonna pay off.

Thank you for real.

Ya’ll know I don’t like throwing out too much but fuck it, it’s a special day. A leaked freestyle never hurt nobody.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the illest/sleepiest engineer in the world. MEZ! Thank you dawg

Congrats to Drizzy Drake. This is obviously a special day too for that brother. Clap for em

Presented to you all…

the[Last Stretch]


J.Cole- Dreams [Live] Ft. Jacqui Taylor

No one in the crowd was feelin’ Cole.. (ignorant bastards) so Cole decided to treat a fan…My sis got on stage live with J.cole for this track. Too ill, I’m very proud of her.

J.Cole – We On

…smh a clean record????

Word on the street is that this was meant to be on Kahlids Joint.. #gofigure

My Life is like a movie.. you 3 or 4 previews

[We On]

J.Cole- Ignorant Shit


[Ignorant Shit]

J.Cole- Knock On Wood [Freestyle]

“Coming for the top like I should yall.. A B*tch I never fall off knock On Wood Y’all”

[Knock On Wood]freestyle

J. Cole on Roc Nation, Jay-Z, Lupe Fiasco

J.Cole = The Future??

Vodpod videos no longer available.

J. Cole – The Warm Up


Like I said on the Skeme of Things 2 posting.. This is another mixtape that was posted on Verbal Intercourse. I just had to repost this on here simply because I need this to be put out at least via me… I feel I need to be the messenger for talent..[So for the record. The Hip Advocate APPROVES THIS MIXTAPE] I also had to post it because J.Cole is a beast… To me at times he is like, Drake who? Coming to you from from North Carolina, J.Cole is the first artist to be signed to HOV’s Roc Nation group. This dude is a beast. Check this mixtape out if you have not just yet… Like right now… Download this… NOW…

Here is a short preview. A freestyle and a Track

[The Warmup]