Theophilus London “This Charming Documentary”

This was filmed prior to This Charming Mixtape It is essentially a bit of went into the creation of the mixtape. It also takes us into the creative mind of the artist, Theophilus London. I thoroughly enjoyed the mixtape when It dropped earlier this year. Production on it is beyond exceptional, its funny to think that he was in fact boo’d off stage on BET. But then again since when were opinions on BET taken into full consideration? The following link is Theophilus’ single Hoodrum Town. Check it out. More so, take a look at the actual mixtape. That is something you REALLY do not want to over look.

His track with the Whitney Houston/Baltimore Club beat is CRAZY… I’m telling you this cat is ill.

I give dude MAD props for doing what he does. This is experimental in this day and age. For him to do him and make it to where he is, I can only applaud him and wait for more. An example of originality

Brooklyn’s own Theophilus London is a pioneer in today’s electro-fueled urban pop movement. His self-released mixtapes JAM! and This Charming Mixtape had blogs ablaze last year as he expertly rhymed on everything from Kraftwerk, Amadou & Mariam and a classic Whitney Houston torch song to his own unexpectedly clubby jams. Recently London has toured the US and UK with A-Trak and Jack Peñate and turned heads at Rolling Stone, NME, The FADER and The New York Times. It’s on now: Theophilus London’s debut single “Humdrum Town” is available on Green Label Sound

[Hoodrum Town]

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