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Jay Z- Anything x Can’t Get With That x Empire State of Mind [BTS]

In the great sprits of me GOING TO SEE HOV [FOOTAGE WILL BE PROVIDED] NEXT SATURDAY! I have decided to hit you with some old fire, and sneak peak footage of the collab he did with Alicia Keys [My Future Wife..]. As you can tell, I am beyond HYPE for this show. Of course I’m rollin with the peoples as we take a look at one of the first shows of the tour. But yea… More on that show and how it went, for those who are contemplating on going to see it at other venues, coming SOON!

Here is Anything & I Can’t Get With That. As well as the behind the scenes for Empire State of Mind. Stay safe tonight peoples.

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Throw Back!: Nasty Nas-Live Now!

Man I remember this track..It was my isht back in high school… 2nd in line for G.O.A.T. [Next to This Guy]

Throw Back: Souls of Mischief: 93′ till Infinity


*The Ultra Ultra Late* Throwback:GZA Liquid Swords

Like I said a long long time ago… Wu Tang Medley throw backs in anticipation for Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II [Set to Drop September 8th 2009]

*The Late* Throw Back Joint:The Message

It’s Like A Jungle Sometimes It Makes Me Wonder How I Keep From Going Under Huh Huh Huh Haaaa

ThrowBack: Method Man Bring The Pain

I wanted to post a video close to my roots.. But I wanted to sit on it and hit you guys with some Bay Area fire. So second on my list was to find something nice by Wu-Tang and I thought no not just the whole group. I want to do them justice and not make my job that easy.. Let me break that into segments.. So here it is the Wu Tang Medley first leg:

Method Man

*Double Feature* Throw Back Thursday: Common Sense-Breaker 1,9 x Drake-Replacement Girl

Here is a double feature. Common Sense‘s Breaker 1,9 off of his very first album Can I Borrow A Dollar. I kind of like this old common a lot. As you can tell by the video there has been a bit of change in what he puts out now. It’s crazy because a lot of people these days say, “Yea I know common; I Use To Love H.E.R., The Light, The Game, The People, Go, BE, Southside! See I know Common!” But they truly do not.. Lol most of the people who claim this can’t even name half of Commons Albums. If you fit this category suggest you Google Search/Wikipedia ‘Common’ and see what you find. By the way for those who also fit that category, the image and flow of common from Can I Borrow A Dollar is near the opposite of the image seen in Finding Forever..

And for what I call Drake’s flop of a video. Here is replacement girl which is his first… This is 10x’s better than what his the net at midnight.