MP3: The Fifth by Nero

Yes, it has been quite some time since I last had a Nero post. Welp here is one. Nero drops “The Fifth” which is to be placed on his next project, Momentum. Check it out. I personally do not like some of the static feel in the track but the end is too serious. Nero goes in on some straight lyricism spit. I’m on play #7 as we speak, this track is so ill.

Production on this is beyond ill as well.

[The Fifth]mp3

I told yall last summer that this dude is the truth… Patiently waiting to blow #pause

MP3: Koo Koo By FKi & Travis Porter

Fki Ft. Travis Porter Koo Koo from the up and coming mixtape Zoolandish!!!! (prod. by. PD )

[Koo Koo]mp3

Video: Converse x Kid Cudi

Converse dropped the first short video that takes you behind the scenes to see how Scotty became the artist we all know as Kid Cudi. I believe after the 3rd installment to this 3 part shorty is released, a track with Bethany Cosentino (Best Coast,) Rostam Batmanglij (Vampire Weekend) and Kid Cudi will be released.. This will be sometime in July.


Video: Less is More by Jerrau of FlyUnion

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Fly DotU of Columbus Ohio, a coo rap crew. Check out this video by Jerrau that was just now released.

HipAdv Selection: [Fathers Day Edition] Macklemore- Stay At Home Dad

This is just a re-posting. A song that fits the day

For those who are ill as ever.. Hip to real. Here is a track that did not make the cut on Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ The Vs. EP. This song is essentially about fathers. Not just any and all fathers in particular. This song sheds light on the men who are stay at home fathers. I really like this song because of the switch in roles.. Although these days, the issue of gender roles in this country and their problems are more seen and understood, we still have problems which deal with breaking them down. Check it out. Its real.

01. Vipassana
02. Crew Cuts
03. Life is Cinema
04. Otherside
05. Kings
06. Irish Celebration
07. The End

If you do not have The Vs EP. Grab it right [HERE]. Its only 7 tracks long, but it samples a lot of classic tunes in its production.

If you do not want to sift through that, which I think is wack because 7 tracks is only about 35minutes, then take a look at this single track

[Stay At Home Dad].mp3


MP3: Last Stretch By J.Cole

To keep the die hard stans content with this slight J.Cole drought, Jermaine releases this. Im still hype as hell forget all yall non-believers! Yesterday marked one year since the drop of his hit mixtape, The Warm Up. Below is what he had to say about everything since then.

Thank You
June 15th, 2009. A year ago today The Warm Up dropped. I’m taking this moment and appreciating all the love and support that I’ve received from yall. All that love ya’ll gave allowed me to hit the road and perform these songs for you before I even had a single out. It’s wild to me when I show up in places like Houston, Atlanta, Richmond, Ohio, University of Maryland, NYC, so many other cities and schools, and the whole crowd knows every word to every song. Seeing that it’s so early in my career, only 1 single out, that’s a blessing. Thank you.

A year later and people are still getting put on to The Warm Up every day. Slowly but surely ya’ll, just like it was supposed to. The album is coming, your patience is gonna pay off.

Thank you for real.

Ya’ll know I don’t like throwing out too much but fuck it, it’s a special day. A leaked freestyle never hurt nobody.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the illest/sleepiest engineer in the world. MEZ! Thank you dawg

Congrats to Drizzy Drake. This is obviously a special day too for that brother. Clap for em

Presented to you all…

the[Last Stretch]

Video: Pharrell x Steve Perry Principles

Man out of all these artists/producers out here, Pharrell keeps it the realist. Most of the youth these days feel as though they dont need a basic education in order to get to places. Most kids drop out of high school these days with the high ambition of being the next ill Emcee, Producer, and clothing label (on a side note this buzz of urban labels to me is a trend that will be on the decline by next years end.. For the simple fact that it already is, and will continue to be over-saturated with “CEO” with a serious “Me Too” complex and lack of creativity. And drive to only make money rather than fashion, art, and a lifestyle. ). The fact that African American males do not graduate from JUST high school is alarming.. I feel as though they get lost in the sauce and fail to realize how much they could gain by going that extra mile.. I mean school is only as difficult as you make it to be. If you’re lazy and dont want to put in the work, then graduating will be the hardest goal you can ever set. But by putting in the work, you gain knowledge that you can use to further you efforts in achieving which ever goal you have in life.

Look at it,

You want to own a clothing label… Major in Finance, Accounting, or even Business Management. Take side course on consumer sciences or fashion related courses. While at the same time work on some low budget, campus wide projects to at least start a name for yourself.. By the time you graduate you will have the business backing to help you push further for that line.

Lets be real kids.. At least graduate from high school.

CNN Education Contributor Steve Perry has a blueprint for Americas teachers, parents, decision makers and anyone who cares about the education of Americas children.